Seafood Jambalaya


Here's another New Orleans favorite from Chef Erika.  Naturally it features the "Holy Trinity" of Creole cooking; bell peppers, onions and celery.

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2 tablespoons butter

1 pound andouille sausage, cut into 1/4-inch slices

1 large bell pepper, any color, cut into large dice

1 large onion, cut into large dice

3 ribs celery, cut into large dice

1 small head garlic, cloves peeled and minced

Creole Seasoning,

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 large can of tomatoes, chopped

1 pound medium shrimp, peeled

1 bay leaf

3 cups long-grain rice, rinsed 3 times

6 cups water

1 pint shucked oysters, with their liquor

2 bunches green onions, thinly sliced

1/4 teaspoon hot sauce, or to taste



Combine the butter and sausage in a Dutch oven or heavy-gauge pot over high heat, and sauté for about 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the bell pepper, onion, celery, and garlic, and season with Creole seasoning, salt, and black pepper. Sauté, still over high heat, for about 8 minutes, or until the natural sugars in the vegetables have browned and caramelized.

Add the tomatoes, shrimp, and bay leaf, stir. Add the rice, stir gently, and add the water. Gently move a spoon across the bottom of the pot, making sure that the rice is not sticking. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for about 15 minutes or until the rice has absorbed most of the liquid. Turn off the heat, then fold in the oysters, cover, and let sit for about 8 minutes, during which time the jambalaya will continue cooking from residual heat.


To serve, transfer to a serving bowl, and mix in the green onions.

 Serves 6


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